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All your life you have been dreaming about celebrating your wedding at a particular place, at the family’s estate, at an emblematic or simple place, but surely you need catering service, leave it in our hands. We offer an experienced, highly qualified team of professionals, and the most up-to-date means and facilities to achieve the complete success of your wedding.
Let yourself be seduced by our spaces and fall in love. Los lavaderos de Rojas, Monasterio San Juan de los Reyes,
Our firm is specialized at organizing catering for all type of events. We offer an integrated service and we put at your disposal exclusive places where you can celebrate your wedding, or if you wish we will move to any property on which you decide.
Imagine a perfect setting, an incredible landscape, on top of it we add the organizing capability and the experience of Hotel Beatriz’s great team of professionals, we can guarantee the success.